How it works

High return on investment

Earn interest from every ride in your city. Already after a couple of months, you will be able to recover your expenses and generate a steady income stream from your city.

Training and support

For a service center to operate well it is simply vital to have strong customer service. We immediately equip all our service centers with all the necessary marketing support and training.

Constant growth

We are committed to building a disruptive platform that will ensure a constant influx of consumers in your region and a continuous positive cash flow stream.

01 | Analyze your market

Choose your region and city

Where will your service center be located? You can choose any country, region, or city where Goti does not have local partners yet. We want to expand our operations everywhere where people live.

02 | Start acting

Register and sign the papers

Introbangla provides award-winning software engineering and IT consulting solutions to organizations of any size, from Bangladesh and Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, by leveraging the latest technologies and changing the way software is built.

03 | Pick location

Find an office space

Pick a suitable office location for an effective launch and operation of the service center. Together with the interior designer create an interesting visualization of the interior of the service center.

04 | Hire people

Grow your team

Recruit a team of enthusiasts and like-minded people who are ready to withstand any difficulties and will follow you along this journey until the end. You will receive the necessary training, materials, and media plans from us that will help you grow the skill set of your team.

05 | Build your empire

Launch the operations

Carry out operations in your chosen city, grow your user base, and recover your invested funds within a few months following the service center’s launch.

06 | Finally

What you will get

  • Partner onboarding and a welcome package that contains all the training materials
  • Comprehensive training and support of your team
  • Commission payments from every carrier made in your city
  • Performance-based bonus payments
  • PR, marketing, and go-to-market strategy consultations and support
  • Promotion of your service center to Goti users and partners
  • Quick return on investment and short payback period